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Oracle Email Migration Tool Guide
Release 9.0.3

Part Number B10104-01
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API Architecture

This appendix contains information about the architecture of an API that communicates with a third party plug-in.

Any plug-in that is to work with the Migration Tool must support the following interface:

public interface PluginInterface

public boolean doTask(String taskName, String taskArgs[]) throws 
public String getVersion();
public void init() throws PluginException;
public void cleanUp();

The getVersion method must return the version number of the plug-in.

The init method must contain any initialization code.

The cleanUp method must contain any cleanup code.

The Migration Tool passes a command string and an argument array to the doTask method. The values that the command string and argument array must contain for different commands are listed in Table B-1.

Table B-1 Parameter Values for doTask Method
Parameters for the doTask Method Operation
command = "User_list"
arg[0]= "file=file_name"
arg[1]="domain=domain name"

The plug-in generates a user-list file for a specific domain in the specified file

command = "User_profiles"

The plug-in generates an LDIF file of all users on the source system

command = "Mbox_files"
arg[0] = "user=m_sourceuname"
arg[1] = "mbox_dir=m_mboxDir"

The plug-in generates an MBOX file for the user in the specified directory

command = "User_rules"
arg[0] = "user=sourceuname"
arg[1] = "dir=m_rulesDir"

The plug-in generates the rules XML file for the specified user in the specified rules directory

command = "Shared_folders"
arg[0] = "file=file_name"
arg[1] = "shared_folder_mbox_ dir=mboxdir"

The plug-in generates the shared folder file in the standard format in the specified file. MBOX files for the shared folder are generated in the

command = "Distribution_lists"
arg[0] = "file=file_name"

The plug-in generates the distribution list file in the standard format in the specified file

command = "Public_aliases"
arg[0] = "file=file_name"

The plug-in generates the list of public aliases in the specified file in the standard format

Any developer writing a plug-in should ensure that the plug-in accepts the above set of parameters. Various parameters on the command line are separated by a single space.