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Oracle® Collaboration Suite Release Notes
Release 2 (9.0.4) for AIX Based Systems

Part Number B12116-01
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List of Tables

2-1 Oracle Calendar: Languages
2-2 Oracle Wireless and Voice
4-1 Administration Known Bugs
4-2 Migration Tool Known Bugs
4-3 Microsoft Exchange Plug-in
4-4 Lotus Domino R5 Plug-in
4-5 Novell GroupWise Plug-in
4-6 Samsung Plug-in
4-7 IMAP Server Known Bugs
4-8 List Server Known Bugs
4-9 NNTP Server Known Bugs
4-10 Virus Scrubber Known Bugs
4-11 WebMail Bugs
4-12 WebMail Properties
5-1  Xmx Settings
5-2  Configuration Bugs
5-3  Administration Bugs
5-4  NFS Bugs
5-5  AFP Bugs
5-6  Generic Oracle Files Bugs
5-7  HTTP/WebDAV Bugs
5-8  Windows / SMB / Print Services Bugs
5-9  Oracle FileSync Bugs
5-10  E-mail Bugs
5-11 User Synchronization Bugs
6-1 Ultra Search Known Bugs
7-1 Voicemail & Fax Known Bugs