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Oracle® Collaboration Suite Readme
Release 2 Patch Set 1 ( for hp-ux PA-RISC (64-bit), Linux x86, and Solaris Operating Environment (SPARC 32-bit)

Part Number B13767-02
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Contents of the Patch Set CD Pack
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1 Patch Set Preinstallation Requirements

1.1 Oracle Enterprise Manager Preinstallation Information
1.2 Oracle Collaboration Suite Web Client Preinstallation Information
1.3 Oracle Calendar Server Preinstallation Tasks
1.3.1 Installing the Patch Set while the Oracle Calendar Server Is Running
1.3.2 Working with Oracle Calendar Server Configuration Files that Are Modified or Overwritten
1.3.3 Upgrading Oracle Calendar from Version 9.0.3 to
1.3.4 Changes in Hardware Requirements for Upgrades
1.4 Oracle Calendar Application System Preinstallation Requirements
1.4.1 Configuring Time Zone Behavior for the Oracle Calendar Portlet
1.4.2 Working with Oracle Calendar Application System Configuration Files that Are Modified or Overwritten
1.5 Oracle Email Preinstallation Requirements
1.6 Oracle Files Preinstallation Requirements
1.7 Oracle Web Conferencing Preinstallation Requirements
1.7.1 Shut Down Oracle Real-Time Collaboration Services
1.7.2 Required Disk Space on Information Storage Database Server
1.7.3 How Installation Interacts with Oracle Internet Directory
1.8 Oracle9iAS Wireless Preinstallation Requirements

2 Installing the Patch Set

2.1 Installing the Patch Set on an Existing Oracle Collaboration Suite Installation
2.2 Installing the Patch Set on a New Oracle Collaboration Suite Installation
2.3 Installing the Oracle Voicemail & Fax Patch
2.4 Installing the Patch Set on the Oracle Web Conferencing Document and Voice Conversion Servers
2.5 Installing the Patch Set on an Oracle Calendar Standalone Installation
2.6 Silent and Non-Interactive Patch Set Installation

3 Patch Set Postinstallation Instructions

3.1 Oracle Calendar Server Postinstallation Tasks
3.1.1 Manually Updating category.ini for Oracle Calendar
3.1.2 Setting Up HTTPS with mod_osso on the Middle Tier
3.2 Oracle Calendar Application System Postinstallation Tasks
3.2.1 Enabling Support for New Languages in Oracle Calendar
3.2.2 Reducing Page Size and Enabling Support for New Attachment Types in Oracle Calendar
3.2.3 Configuring the Oracle Calendar Portlet
3.2.4 Increasing the Size of the Favorites List in the Oracle Calendar Web Client
3.3 Oracle Email Postinstallation Tasks
3.4 Oracle Files Postinstallation Tasks
3.5 Oracle Web Conferencing Postinstallation Tasks
3.6 Oracle9iAS Wireless Postinstallation Tasks

4 Additional/Optional Oracle Collaboration Suite Upgrade Scenarios

4.1 Upgrading the Infrastructure to Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4)
4.1.1 Oracle Internet Directory-Specific Preupgrade Tasks
4.1.2 Back Up Oracle Internet Directory
4.1.3 Upgrading the Metadata Repository
4.1.4 Upgrading Oracle Identity Management
4.2 Using Oracle Database 10g with Oracle Collaboration Suite
4.2.1 Upgrading the Information Storage Database to Oracle Database 10g
4.2.2 Oracle Database 10g Post-Upgrade Tasks for Oracle Files
4.2.3 Using Oracle Database 10g with New Oracle Collaboration Suite Installations
4.3 Using OracleAS 10g Identity Management and Oracle Database 10g with Collaboration Suite
4.3.1 Installing OracleAS 10g Infrastructure
4.3.2 Configuring Oracle Identity Management 10g
4.3.3 Installing the Metadata Repository
4.3.4 Installing Oracle Database 10g
4.3.5 Installing the Oracle Collaboration Suite Middle Tier
4.3.6 Installing the Oracle Email Information Store Patch Set
4.3.7 Applying the Oracle Collaboration Suite Patch Set

5 New Features

5.1 Enabling New Language Translations (Optional)
5.2 Support for Oracle Database 10g Release 1
5.3 New Features in Oracle Calendar
5.3.1 New Features in the Oracle Calendar Server
5.3.2 New Features in the Oracle Calendar Administrator
5.3.3 New Features in the Oracle Calendar Application System
5.3.4 New Features in Oracle Connector for Outlook
5.3.5 New Features in the Oracle Calendar Desktop Clients
5.3.6 New Features in the Oracle Calendar Sync Clients
5.4 New and Updated Server Parameters for the Oracle Calendar Server
5.4.1 New Parameters in the unison.ini File
5.4.2 Updated Parameters in the unison.ini File
5.4.3 Updated UNIX Environment Variables
5.5 New Features in Oracle Email
5.6 New Features in Oracle Files
5.7 New Features in Oracle Voicemail & Fax
5.8 New Features in Oracle Web Conferencing
5.9 New Features in Oracle9iAS Wireless

6 Bugs Fixed in This Release

6.1 Oracle Collaboration Suite Bugs
6.2 Oracle Calendar Bugs
6.3 Oracle Email Bugs
6.4 Oracle Files Bugs
6.5 Oracle Ultra Search Bugs
6.6 Oracle Voicemail & Fax Bugs
6.7 Oracle Web Conferencing Bugs
6.8 Oracle9iAS Wireless Bugs