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Oracle® Web Conferencing Administrator's Guide
Release 2 (

Part Number B10877-03
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List of Figures

1-1 Web Conferencing Application: System Administrator's View
1-2 Web Conferencing Console Banner
1-3 Real-Time Collaboration System Management Tasks
2-1 Components and Processes of a Real-Time Collaboration Instance
2-2 Real-Time Collaboration System Hierarchy
2-3 Real-Time Collaboration Architecture
2-4 Client Connections to Web Conferencing
3-1 Oracle Real-Time Collaboration Basic Components
3-2 Oracle Real-Time Collaboration Example Deployment
3-3 Real-Time Collaboration Clustering
4-1 Post-Installation Tasks for Web Conferencing
4-2 Setting Up Web Conferencing for Internet Access
5-1 Hierarchy of Configuration Properties
6-1 Web Conferencing Basic Deployment
6-2 Deployment with Multiple Core Components and an LBR
6-3 Deployment with Multiple Geographical Locations and a LBR
6-4 Existing Web Conferencing Deployment with Additional Core Components
6-5 Existing Deployment with Additional Document and Voice Conversion Servers
6-6 Deployment with Core Components in a Different DMZ
9-1 Site Property Inheritance