Oracle ADF Model and Business Components API Reference 10.1.2 B14022-02

Uses of Class

Packages that use JUApplication
oracle.jbo.uicli.binding Contains JClient classes that handle interaction with BC4J objects for various JClient bindings. 
oracle.jbo.uicli.jui Contains JClient classes that implement binding of Swing controls with BC4J ViewObject, Attributes or Rows. Contains classes that implement metadata management for JClient  


Uses of JUApplication in oracle.jbo.uicli.binding


Methods in oracle.jbo.uicli.binding that return JUApplication
 JUApplication JUFormBinding.getApplication()
          Returns the JUApplciation object to which this form binding belongs.
 JUApplication JUApplication.getRootApplication()
          Returns the root DCDataControl object.


Methods in oracle.jbo.uicli.binding with parameters of type JUApplication
 void JUFormBinding.setApplication(JUApplication app)
          Sets the JUApplication instance in this form binding and adds it to the JUApplication.


Constructors in oracle.jbo.uicli.binding with parameters of type JUApplication
JUApplication(JUApplication parent, ApplicationModule am, java.lang.Object userData)
          Constructor to be used to create a nested JUApplication inside another JUApplication object.


Uses of JUApplication in oracle.jbo.uicli.jui


Methods in oracle.jbo.uicli.jui with parameters of type JUApplication
 void JUPanelBinding.setApplication(JUApplication app)
          *** For internal framework use only *** Sets the ApplicationModule reference


Uses of JUApplication in


Methods in that return JUApplication
static JUApplication JUMetaObjectManager.findApplicationObject(java.lang.String qualifiedAMName)
static JUApplication JUMetaObjectManager.createApplicationObject(java.lang.String qualifiedAMName)
static JUApplication JUMetaObjectManager.createApplicationObject(java.lang.String qualifiedAMName, java.util.Properties env)
static JUApplication JUMetaObjectManager.createApplicationObject(java.lang.String qualifiedAMName, java.util.Properties env, EnvInfoProvider envInfo)


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