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Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10283-02
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Accessing the Administrator Monitor

Note: The Oracle Workflow web pages are being converted to the Oracle Applications Framework user interface format. Depending on your version of Oracle Workflow and which patches you have applied, you may see Oracle Workflow web pages in the new format as well as in the previous format. The Administrator Monitor pages are currently available for the version of Oracle Workflow embedded in Oracle Applications.

The Administrator Monitor lets you view and administer runtime workflows. You can use the monitor to review the activities performed for a workflow, check the status of the workflow by viewing the status diagram, examine participant responses to notifications sent by the workflow, and review details about the workflow definition and attributes.

If you have workflow administrator privileges, you can also perform administrative operations within the monitor to control the processing performed for a workflow or handle an error. For example, you can update workflow attributes, suspend and resume a workflow, cancel a workflow, or rewind the workflow to an earlier activity stage. You can also skip or retry an individual activity within a workflow, reassign a notification activity, or suspend and resume a process activity. Workflow administrator privileges are assigned in the Global Workflow Preferences page. See: To Set Global User Preferences.

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