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Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10283-02
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Viewing a Status Diagram

The Status Diagram page shows the process diagram for a workflow, including graphical cues about the status of the workflow and its activities.

The page displays the workflow type internal name and item key as well as the following details for the selected workflow:

The Current Status region displays the process title, diagram, and detail tabs for the workflow. Beneath the detail tabs, the administration buttons are displayed.

Process Title

The process title appears in the upper left of the Current Status region and displays the workflow process name, type, and user key. If no user key has been set, then the item key is displayed instead. If you drill down into a subprocess in the process diagram, the process title displays the subprocess name.

Process Diagram Window

The process diagram window is a scrolling canvas that displays the diagram of the workflow process or subprocess currently listed in the process title. This diagram is identical to the diagram created in Oracle Workflow Builder. Note, however, that you cannot use the Workflow Monitor to edit this diagram.

The process diagram window provides graphical cues about the status of the process and its activities.

Color of Box State Possible Status Code
Red Error ERROR
Yellow Suspended SUSPEND

Alternatively, you can select the subprocess activity and choose Zoom In to drill down to the diagram for the subprocess. Choose Zoom Out to navigate back to the higher level process.

Detail Tab Window

The detail tab window, which appears below the process diagram, is a vertically scrollable display area that provides information about a selected process or activity. The information appears as follows for each tab.

Definition Tab

Usage Tab
Status Tab
Notification Tab
Note: If the selected activity is a notification activity where Expand Roles is selected, but no response is required, then the recipient shown is simply the role, rather than the individual users in the role.

Administration Buttons

If you have workflow administrator privileges and you are viewing a workflow that is not yet complete, you can use the administration buttons to perform administrative operations on the workflow.

Note: You cannot update attributes of type event. However, you can select the event message link to view the event message details.
Note: You cannot rewind a suspended workflow. You must resume the workflow before you can rewind it.

You can also select the Return link to return to the previous page, or choose Activity History, Participant Responses, or Workflow Details in the side navigation to navigate to the corresponding Status Monitor page.

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