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Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10283-02
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Viewing Workflow Details

The Workflow Details page shows information about a selected workflow.

The page displays the workflow type internal name and item key as well as the following details:

The Workflow Definition region displays the following information about the workflow type:

The Workflow Attributes region lists the names and values of the item attributes for the workflow. For an attribute of type event, select the event message link to view the event message details.

If you have workflow administrator privileges and you are viewing a workflow that is not yet complete, you can use the administration buttons to perform administrative operations on the workflow.

After you select the Apply button, Oracle Workflow displays the Update Workflow Attributes page showing a confirmation message as well as the new attribute values. You can continue making further changes in this page if necessary.
Note: You cannot update attributes of type event. However, you can select the event message link to view the event message details.
Note: You cannot rewind a suspended workflow. You must resume the workflow before you can rewind it.

You can also select the Return link to return to the previous page, or choose Activity History, Status Diagram, or Participant Responses in the side navigation to navigate to the corresponding Status Monitor page.

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