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Oracle Workflow User's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10285-02
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To Respond to a Plain Text E-mail Notification with an HTML Attachment

1. Your plain text e-mail notification with attachments includes information that is helpful for you to respond to the notification. Depending on the notification, the information may appear inline in the message body, as links to other reference sources or as attachments to the message. In addition, the notification always includes at least two attachments:
2. When you are done reviewing all the information for the notification, you can respond to the notification in one of three ways:
Note: Your Web browser must support JavaScript and Frames to open this attachment. When you open the Notification Detail Link attachment, it automatically attempts to establish a web session with your web server. In doing so, it authenticates your access, verifies that your notification is still open, and displays a message if the notification is already closed.
In Oracle Applications, you must always log in before you can access the Oracle Applications Framework-based Notification Details web page. In the standalone version of Oracle Workflow, if your workflow administrator has configured the notification mailer that sent this notification to require a login when you select the Notification Detail Link, and you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to log in before you can access the Notification Details web page. Otherwise, in the standalone version of Oracle Workflow, you can access the Notification Details page for this notification directly, but you cannot access any other Oracle Workflow pages unless you are logged in.
3. If this notification requires a password-based electronic signature in your response, you cannot respond to the notification through e-mail. In this case the notification informs you that a password-based signature is required and directs you to access the online version of the notification instead. Navigate to the Notification Details web page to submit your response. See: To View the Details of a Notification.
Note: Password-based electronic signatures are currently supported only for the version of Oracle Workflow embedded in Oracle Applications.

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