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Oracle Workflow User's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10285-02
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To Find Notifications

1. The Find Notifications window lets you enter search criteria to locate specific notifications. If you are logged on to the current session as a regular workflow user, you can specify criteria to search for any notification(s) you own. The search criteria are:
2. As a user with workflow administrator privileges, you can also search for notifications that you do not own. See: Setting Global User Preferences, Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide.
In addition to being able to specify any of the standard search criteria listed above except for "Notifications Delegated to", you also have the following criteria options:
Note: To identify notifications where the original owner delegated the work to another role (without transferring ownership), specify different roles in the Owner and To fields. This combination of criteria is equivalent to selecting the "Notifications Delegated to" criterion in the standard Find Notifications screen.
3. Choose the Find button to open the Worklist window.

See Also

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