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Oracle Workflow User's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10285-02
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To View Notifications from the Worklist

1. The Notifications Worklist either displays the notifications that match your search criteria if you navigated from the Find Notifications page, or lists all your open notifications if you navigated directly to this page.
The Worklist displays the following information for each notification:
Note: If a notification is Open and requires a response, a Response Required icon appears next to its Subject link.
2. Click on any column heading to sort your notifications by that column in ascending order.
3. A Find icon in the toolbar lets you navigate back to the Find Notifications screen at any time so you can use search criteria to reduce the Worklist to a smaller subset of notifications.
4. The Worklist lets you simultaneously close multiple FYI-type notifications that do not require a response. Simply check Select for the each FYI-type notification you wish to close, and then choose Close.
5. You can also collectively reassign a group of notifications. Check Select for the notifications you wish to reassign, then choose Reassign... A Reassign page appears that lets you specify to whom and how you wish to reassign the notification(s). See:To Reassign a Notification to Another User: page.
6. You can navigate to the full details of any notification and act on the notification by clicking on the notification's Subject link.

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