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Oracle Workflow User's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10285-02
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To Reassign a Notification to Another User

1. You can reassign a notification in one of two ways:
Attention: Your workflow may include a special #HIDE_REASSIGN attribute to restrict reassignment of notifications. If so, the Reassign button may not be displayed in the Response frame, and you should not reassign the notification. See: #HIDE_REASSIGN Attribute, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide.
2. In the Reassign page that appears, a summary of the selected notification(s) appear towards the bottom of the screen.
Note: If you clicked on the Reassign button in the Response frame of a specific notification, you do not see a summary of selected notifications.
3. In the 'Reassign to' field, click on the up-arrow icon to display a window that lets you search for a list of roles to choose from. See: Using a List of Values.
4. After choosing a role, specify how you wish to reassign the notification. Select 'Delegate Authority for Responding to Notifications' if you want to give someone else authority to respond to the notification on your behalf. With this option, Oracle Workflow maintains that you own the notification. Or select 'Transfer Ownership of Notifications', if you want to give someone else complete ownership and responsibility of the notification.
5. Enter any comments you want to pass along to the new role. Choose Reassign. Once the notification is reassigned, the web browser returns you to your Worklist page, where the reassigned notification is no longer in your worklist.
Attention: Your workflow may include special logic called a post-notification function to verify that the role that you attempt to delegate or transfer a notification to is legitimate or to restrict reassignment of notifications altogether. If so, you may get a warning message to that effect when you attempt to reassign a notification. See: Post-Notification Functions, Oracle Workflow API Reference.
Additionally, you cannot reassign a voting notification that tallies the recipients' responses. See: Voting Activity, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide.
6. A Find icon in the toolbar of the Reassign page lets you navigate back to the Find Notifications screen at any time to search for and display other notifications.

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