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Oracle® Database 2 Day DBA
10g Release 2 (10.2)

Part Number B14196-02
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Starting and Stopping Real Application Clusters Databases and Database Instances

To start or stop RAC databases using Enterprise Manager, you must first ensure that the Enterprise Manager console is up. If you are not sure how to access the console, then review the section "Starting and Stopping the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console" in Chapter 3, "Getting Started with Oracle Enterprise Manager".

Typically, you start up and shut down the cluster from the Enterprise Manager Cluster Database Home page. By using this page for cluster database startup and shutdown operations, you ensure that all of the instances that belong to the RAC database are in a consistent state. This enables you to more easily manage a RAC database. You can also start and stop individual instances in a RAC database. However, starting and stopping one instance in a RAC database does not stop or start other instances. To completely stop a RAC database, you must shut down all of its instances.

Use Oracle Enterprise Manager to start and stop the entire RAC database, or to start and stop individual instances, as described in the following sections:

Starting and Stopping Real Application Clusters Databases

The following procedures describe how to start and stop an entire RAC database, as well as each cluster database instance:

  1. Log in to Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control.

  2. On the Cluster Database Home page in the General view, click Startup if the database is down, or Shutdown if the database is up.

  3. On the Startup/Shutdown: Specify Credentials page, enter the cluster database host credentials for the database nodes. The host credentials are the user name and password for a user who is a member of the OSDBA or OSOPER system privileges group.

  4. On the Startup/Shutdown: Select Operation page, click Startup All to start all of the instances, or click Shutdown All to stop all of the instances.

  5. On the Startup/Shutdown: Confirmation page, click Yes.

Starting and Stopping Individual Instances in Real Application Clusters Databases

To start and stop individual instances, navigate to the RAC Database Startup and Shutdown page and select the instance that you want to start or stop. Then start or stop the instance as needed.


You can also start up and shut down individual instances from each instance's home page. However, it is easier to perform instance startup and shutdown operations directly from the Database Startup and Shutdown page.