A Getting Started with Your Documentation

Your Oracle Database documentation set is provided in both HTML and PDF formats on a CD included in your CD Pack. Use this CD to browse the library from the CD or copy files directly to a local system.

The library includes a Web-based search tool that enables you to search for information about a particular product, parameter, file name, procedure, error message, or other area of interest. The search tool also makes it possible to construct a "virtual book" drawn from the complete documentation library, but consisting only of topics and procedures relevant to your needs. The library also includes a comprehensive Master Index, as well as lists of SQL and PL/SQL keywords, initialization parameters, catalog views, and data dictionary views.

Instructions for installing the library and viewing its contents are in three README files at the root level of the documentation CD-ROMs:

  • README.htm

  • README.pdf

  • README.txt


The readme.txt file contains UNIX line breaks. If you simply double-click it, it will open in Notepad by default, and Notepad does not recognize UNIX line breaks. Use write.exe or edit.com instead.

The contents of the three files are identical; only the format differs.

The following guides are not included on the Oracle Database Online Documentation Library CD-ROM for Windows:

  • Oracle Database Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows (32-Bit) and Oracle Database Release Notes for Microsoft Windows (32-Bit)

    To access these documents before installation, open welcome.htm in the \doc directory on the component CD-ROM. To access these documents after installation, choose Start > Programs > Oracle - HOME_NAME > Release Documentation or open index.htm in the ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\doc directory on your hard drive.

  • Oracle Migration Workbench documentation


    Oracle Migration Workbench is available only at OTN. See http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/index.html
  • Oracle Fail Safe documentation

    This document is on the Oracle Fail Safe product CD-ROM.


    Oracle Fail Safe is not supported on Windows XP.