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What's New in Oracle Database for Windows

1 Oracle Database Architecture on Windows

2 Database Tools on Windows

3 Postinstallation Database Creation on Windows

4 Postinstallation Configuration Tasks on Windows

5 Administering a Database on Windows

6 Monitoring a Database on Windows

7 Tuning Windows to Optimize Oracle Database

8 Authenticating Database Users with Windows

9 Administering External Users and Roles on Windows

10 Storing Oracle Wallets in the Windows Registry

11 Oracle PKI Integration with Windows

12 Using Oracle Database with Microsoft Active Directory

13 Oracle Database Specifications for Windows

14 Configuration Parameters and the Registry

15 Developing Applications for Windows

A Getting Started with Your Documentation

B Storing Tablespaces on Raw Partitions

C Oracle Net Services Configuration on Windows

D Error Messages on Windows

E Oracle Database Windows/UNIX Differences