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Generating Your Input and Output UI Display Page with Advisor

To update your changes to the Output UI layout, you need to generate the UI files. Previewing or deploying your application does not automatically update UI changes.

To generate your UI display pages with Advisor

  1. Navigate to Administration - Product > Advisor Pagesets > My Pagesets.
  2. Select the pageset you want to generate your Input or Output UI for and click either the Input UI or Output UI tab.
  3. Create new UI controls.

    For more information, see To create input UI controls with Advisor or To create output UI controls with Advisor.

  4. Click Generate to add new UI controls to the Output UI display page.

NOTE:  It is recommended that you build your UI using the Input UI and Output UI tabs in Advisor. Once the functionality in your application is set, it is recommended that you customize your UI in a third party HTML editor. If you do use a third party HTML editor, any custom code you write between the BEGIN GENERATE HTML and END GENERATE HTML comments is deleted in the pg|pageset_1.htm file. Be sure to write any custom code outside of this area.

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