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Creating Output UI Controls with Advisor

Use the following procedure to create output UI controls.

To create output UI controls with Advisor

  1. Create the Feature or Configuration table containing the values that populate the control.

    For more information, see Process of Creating Advisor Feature Tables and Process of Creating Advisor Configuration Tables.

  2. In the My Pagesets list, select a pageset.
  3. In the Output UI tab, click New.

    A new row appears.

  4. Enter a sequence number for the layout of the control on the page.

    Enter a number relative to the numbers you entered for other controls to determine the sequence in which the control appears on the Output portion of the page. Enter numbers such as 10, 20, 30 and so forth. This allows you to later position a control between existing controls.

  5. From the drop-down list, select the control type.

      Adds an item to a shopping cart, quote, or order.


      Passes the product to the Siebel server-based Configurator.

    • DETAIL

      Displays a product detail view or HTML page. Select the table and column that contains the string to load the product or HTML page.


      Takes the user to the Siebel View identified in the Siebel Column in the Output UI administration list.

    • LINK

      Displays a link to a pageset or URL.


      Creates a BuildTarget call with an OPT_SUBCONFIG_LINK parameter defined.

    • PICT

      Displays an image.

    • PRICE

      Displays the price of a selected product for the current user.


      Creates a BuildTarget call with a SUBCONFIG_LINK parameter defined.

    • TEXT

      Displays a text string.

  6. Enter a label for the control.

    For example, to display the user-selected color, enter Color.

  7. Click the button in the Table field to open a picklist and select the table whose values populate the control.
  8. Click the button in the Column field to open a picklist and select the column, from the table you selected in Step 7, whose values populate the control.

    For example, if you are creating a LINK UI control that displays a URL, choose the table and column containing the URL values.

    NOTE:  The Output UI can be populated with both Feature and Configuration table columns.

  9. For textbox controls, you can enter a table and column combination or a name.

    Because text boxes do not map to Feature or Configuration tables, a name is required for Output UI (BuildTarget) calls.

  10. If applicable, enter a height and width for the control.
  11. If you are creating a Link control, specify the type of link by selecting or deselecting Pageset.

    Select Pageset if the Link control links to a pageset. Deselect Pageset if the Link control links to a URL.

  12. For Anchor Text, enter the text that appears as a link. For example: Click here to see this product.
  13. Click Generate to add the new UI controls to the Output UI display page.

    NOTE:  It is recommended that you build your UI using the Input UI and Output UI tabs in Advisor. Once the functionality in your application is set, it is recommended that you customize your UI in a third party HTML editor. If you do use a third party HTML editor, any custom code you write between the BEGIN GENERATE HTML and END GENERATE HTML comments are deleted in the pg|pageset_1.htm file. Be sure to write any custom code outside of this area.

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