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Runtime Interaction of Advisor Applications with the Shopping Cart or Quote

By default, a link to the Siebel shopping cart or quote is included on the default UI Output page of your application. You can also add more links to the Siebel shopping cart or quote in your application.

Figure 17 shows an application that includes an Add to Cart button.

Figure 17. Application That Links to a Quote
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In the example shown in Figure 18, when a user clicks the Add to Cart button, the sedan is added to the user's quote.

Figure 18. New Quote Line Item for Product Selected in an Application
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To integrate your application with the Siebel shopping cart or quote

  1. Add a button UI control labeled Add to Cart or Add to Quote to the output UI page for the pageset.

    For more information about adding buttons see, To create three buttons that display different applets.

  2. Open the UI file and add code to call AddToSSCart from an OnClick event for the new button.
    • AddToSSCart(optional productDescriptionString)

      AddToSSCart adds the current product to an order or quote. If the string parameter is included, it is used as the description for the customizable product to be added. If it is not included, the model and state are examined to build a customizable product description. After the product is added to the order or quote, the browser-based view is replaced by the order or quote view.

      For more information, see Siebel Advisor API Reference.

NOTE:  To add any items to the cart or quote from applications, the recommendation list or product must exist in the Siebel product master. The product master runs off the Siebel Internal Product business component.

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