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About Publishing Pricing Information in Pagesets

To provide price values for your browser-based applications, you can associate a pricing column in your browser-based application with a Siebel price list. For situations where products and attributes are represented in the browser-based tables, but you do not want to refer to a Price List, you can enter specific values in the pricing column.

The Output UI template provides a Get Price button which, when clicked, returns the user's price. Pricing is then determined using the following calculation:

start price * adjustment = final price

Start price includes a price from the list price (list price or promotional price). The price list provides a static price for each internal product in the price list. To integrate this functionality with Advisor, you select a price list at the project level. For more information, see Associating a Price List with a Browser-Based Model.

Adjustment is defined in Pricer. To apply adjustments (such as promotional prices, volume discounts, or context-specific adjustments) to the static list price, you need to use functionality provided by Siebel Pricer.

Using Pricer, you can use the adjustment variable of this equation to apply:

  • Pricing rules
  • Volume discounts
  • Promotions
  • Configurable product (bundling) rules

For example, you can apply a pricing rule to the A.K. Parker account that automatically applies a 10% discount to all purchases. If a contact from A.K. Parker logs in and orders the Model A Monitor with a list price of $500, when he hits Get Price the following calculation is performed:

500 * .9 = 450

and a final price of $450 is returned.

For more information, see Pricing Administration Guide.

To provide access to your pricing information

  1. Associate your price list with the Browser-Based model in Advisor.
  2. Modify the GetPrice function as needed.

    The Get Price link is included in your browser-based application's UI template by default. For more information on this step, see Siebel Advisor API Reference.

  3. Edit the app_config.js file to modify the pricing display information.
  4. Add profile variables in Siebel Tools to further personalize price.
  5. Edit the Siebel application .cfg file to set parameters for the runtime behavior of Get Price.

The following section provides procedures for each step.

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