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Associating a Price List with a Browser-Based Model

To associate a price list with the browser-based model, you need to make the association at the project level as well as the Feature or Configuration table level.

NOTE:  Because you can select only one price list per project, and all users access the same price list, it is recommended that you use the default price list. To determine which price list is the default, go to Application Administration >List of Values and search for Master Price List. The Display Value field displays the price list ID of the default price list.

NOTE:  Whenever the price list or prices for price list line items are updated, you need to regenerate the pagesets that reference that price list.

To associate your price list with the browser-based model

  1. In the Projects screen, select a project and, in the More Info tab, select the price list you want to use from the Price List drop-down list.

    This price list generates data for list price and promotion price fields you create in your feature tables. You can change the associated price list at any time. For information on creating pricing lists, see Pricing Administration Guide.

    NOTE:  For a list of products missing from the price list, validate the project and view the error messages on the Validation Results tab.

  2. In Feature and Configuration tables where you want to include price, open the Table designer and add a Price column.

    NOTE:  If you have multiple pricing options, create multiple pricing columns with different, descriptive names. For example, to emulate eSales behavior, create the columns List Price and Your Price.

  3. From the business component column, select Internal Product.
  4. In the Field Name column, open the Field picklist and select:
    • List Price: to always display the list price.
    • Promotional Price: to display the promotional price.
  5. Check the Shared column to reference a row ID in a business component that other columns in the table reference. This step is optional.

    All columns in the Table Designer that reference the same business component, and have the Shared field selected, are populated with data when a value is selected for any one of them.

  6. Open the Table editor and select products from the Pricing column fields.
  7. From the Pagesets menu, select Validate and click the Validation Results tab.
  8. Make sure there are no messages showing that products are missing from the price list that was used to publish the pageset.
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