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Performance Considerations for Advisor Applications

Use the following guidelines to improve the performance of your Advisor application.

Project Size

When determining how you break up your pagesets across projects, be aware that smaller projects load faster. Consider creating a number of smaller projects and linking to pagesets across projects as needed.

Pageset Size

When determining how you break up your products across pagesets, be aware that smaller pagesets load faster. The combined file sizes for the _1 and _2 files (in the pg directory) and _00 and _m files (in the ds directory) should not exceed 150K for a pageset. A combined size of 50K or less is preferred.

Table Size

When determining how you break up your tables, be aware that smaller tables execute faster and are easier to maintain. Consider creating a number of smaller tables, limiting the number of rows to less than 200 per table.

Number of Attached Files

Attached files increase the amount of time some Advisor operations take. Migrate, Import/Export, Deploy, Copy Project, and Preview can take between 0.25 and 0.50 seconds longer per attached file. To improve operation time, keep your attached files to a minimum.

Number of Messages

If the same message is used under a variety of circumstances, consider defining the message once in a separate Feature table, then setting that value from the selected Feature table. This reduces the maintenance (changing the same message in multiple places) and reduces the file size (increasing performance).

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