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Siebel Application Deployment Methods

Siebel offers two deployment options for Configurator applications:

  • Browser-based, administered through Advisor

    This method uses Configuration tables to describe relationships, and delivers a subset of configuration capabilities directly to the end user's browser, using only JavaScript and HTML. Only browser-based Configurator is discussed in this guide.

  • Server-based, administered through Customizable Products

    This method works by solving simultaneous constraints to make sure the solution is accurate, with all data and constraint processing occurring at the server. Server-based Configurator is discussed in Product Administration Guide.

While it is possible for Advisor to be used to complete the configuration of a customizable product, the standard best practice within the Siebel Application would be to use Advisor to guide the customer to the selection of a particular customizable product and then pass the user to the Siebel Configurator for final configuration of the customizable product.

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