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Range Functions for Advisor Configuration Tables

Use range functions in input columns to simplify data entry and create smaller models for faster application load time. For example, instead of creating three separate rows in a Configuration table to create a rule that displays an exception message when a user selects the colors red, blue, and green, you can create one row and enter the range function (=Red,Blue,Green).

NOTE:  For rules involving more than one code value, the syntax (=bm*) cannot be used; doing so causes an error when generating HTML files in Advisor. Instead, use the syntax (=bm1,bm2,bm3) or (=*).

Table 3 shows examples of range functions:

NOTE:  If you or your end users cannot view color indicators, refer to Accessibility Guide for Siebel eBusiness Applications .

Table 3. Examples of Range Functions
Range Function


Anything equal to Red or Blue


Anything that numerically matches, numbers only




Anything not equal to Red and not equal to Blue

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