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Advisor Project Structure

The organization in which Advisor presents the project objects reflects the organization of the associated application.

Project objects that define the overall appearance and functionality of the application are considered application-level objects. These application-level objects include the Application UI Definition file and a contents list table.

The application presents information related to one or more categories. Advisor groups all of the project objects related to a single category into a pageset.

Within each pageset, the project objects are organized into two categories: data objects and interface objects. Each data object is further classified as a feature data object or a configuration data object. The feature data and configuration data objects are Feature tables and Configuration tables respectively. The interface objects within a pageset are the Pageset UI Definition file and the Pageset UI Registry file.

Every pageset in an application, at a minimum, contains the following items:

  • A Pageset UI Definition file (oc_default_ui.htm)
  • A Pageset UI Registry file (pCar_i.htm)
  • At least one Configuration table
  • One or more Feature tables
  • One or more display pages
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