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The Project Files Tab

The Project Files tab contains a list of the directories and files that make up your Advisor application. These files include HTML, Javascript, and images. You can use a text editor to change some of the files displayed on the Files tab.

Every application contains the directories and files listed in this section.

Engine File Directories

When you deploy or preview a project, first the engine files are copied from the file system source directory on the server, <Siebel Root Directory>\ISSTEMPL\<Localization Code>\EngineSourceFiles, to the project runtime directory for the Project Files Tab. Then any project files stored in the database are copied to the runtime directory. If you customize engine files on the server and files with the same name exist in the database (app_config.js, for example), your customized files will be overwritten. Therefore, if you want your customizations to persist after deployment or preview of the project, store them in the database by adding them to the Project Files tab.

The following engine directories and files are associated with each project:

  • The custom directory contains JavaScript files that you can edit to customize the behavior of the applications' engine without modifying the core engine code itself. You can also use the app_config.js file in this directory to set configuration variables, such as the size of the About window, for your application.
  • The ds directory contains the Pageset Properties file, pagesetID_x.js. It also contains product data files generated from the information you enter in Advisor Configuration and Feature tables. Do not edit the generated product data files. You can change information in the tables and regenerate the data files if you need to.
  • The jd directory contains the application module registry and its associated files. Do not edit files in this directory unless you are developing your own application modules.

Application File Directories

The pg directory contains the following application files:

  • Pageset UI Registry files.
  • Pageset UI Definition files.
  • Display pages for all the pagesets in your application.
  • A cascading style sheet, onlink.css, that defines the appearance of the contents list.
  • Any additional HTML and image files used to customize the appearance of display pages.

The UI Directory contains files that define the appearance of the Advisor application. These files apply to the application in general and not to any specific pageset.

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