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About ASIs

ASIs allow you to integrate Siebel applications with other applications in real time.

The Accounts, Contacts, or Households screens use ASIs to exchange data with any external system such as a back-office application. These are listed in Table 83.

You must set up these ASIs shipped with your Siebel application before they can be used. This chapter provides the procedures that you must perform to set up these ASIs. Depending on your business needs, you may choose to set up ASIs and activate workflows for some or all of the GUI commands listed in Table 83.

For general information about ASIs, see Application Services Interface Reference.

Table 83. ASIs for Accounts, Contacts, and Households
GUI Command
Outbound and Inbound ASI Pairs


Update External System

Synchronize Account ASI

External Account

Siebel Account

Accounts (Credit Profile view)


Get Account ASI


Update External System

Synchronize Contact ASI

External Contact

Siebel Contact


Update External System

Synchronize Household ASI

External Household

Siebel Household

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