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Creating TAS Customer Milestone Templates in a Localized Application

The sample TAS Customer Milestone activity template is available only in English. If you are running a localized version of the Siebel Sales application (that is, a version in a language other than English) and are using the Target Account Selling (TAS) module, you need to create an activity template of type Milestone, as outlined in the following procedure.

To translate a TAS Customer Milestone template for a localized application

  1. Navigate to Application - Data screen > Activity Templates view.
  2. In the Activity Templates list, query for records of type Milestone where Milestone is the translation of the English word in the localization language.

    NOTE:  For the translation, see the Interface Terminology Look-up manual for your language, or, in the List of Values, look for the Display Value that corresponds to the Language-Independent Code for Milestone. For more information about List of Values, see Working with Lists of Values.

    Six records should be found by the query:

    • 1-Request Offering(s)
    • 2-Evaluate Offering(s)
    • 3-Approve / Select
    • 4-Legal / Purchasing
    • 5-Implement
    • 6-Measure
  3. For each of the six templates:
    1. Click the Activity Templates Detail view tab.
    2. Make sure that for each detail record, the Type is Recommended Activity where Recommended Activity is the translation of the English phrase in the localized language. (See note in Step 2.)
    3. Optional: Translate the Description of each detail record into the localized language.
  4. Follow the procedure for adding a milestone in Adding Customer Milestones, and make sure that the six Activity Templates (Step 2 of this procedure) appear in the Event field drop-down list.
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