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Sending Account Information to an External System

If the Siebel administrator has set up real-time account integration between Siebel Call Center and another system in your organization, you can use the Update External System command to send new and modified account information from Siebel Call Center application to the other system.

By default, in the Accounts screen, the Update External System command triggers the business process Synchronize Account ASI. This business process sends account information to the external system, waits for a response from the external system, and then updates the Siebel database with the response.

The following procedure describes how to send information about an account from Siebel Call Center to another system. This procedure assumes that your Siebel administrator has completed the necessary work to enable real-time account integration through Application Service Interfaces (ASI). For information about ASI structures, see Application Services Interface Reference. For information about setting up ASIs, see Integration Using ASIs.

To send account and contact information to an external software system

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen, and in the Accounts list, select an account.
  2. Click the Contacts view tab, and in the Contacts list, add the contacts that are associated with the account.

    If account contacts are not yet listed, follow the instructions in To add contacts to an account to specify account contacts.

  3. In the Contacts list, click the hyperlink in the Last Name field to display the Contact form and an Activities list for the selected contact.
  4. In the Contact form, click the menu button, and then choose Update External System.

    You may observe a slight pause while the information is sent and the response from external system is received.

  5. Click the thread bar to return to the Account form.
  6. In the Account form, click the menu button, and then choose Update External System.

Siebel Call Center can also receive account credit information from an external system, using the Account Credit Profile view.

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