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Loading D&B Data

After you have obtained the three D&B data files, you can start to load the data into the Siebel database. You can load the files in any order, but you must load all three files before running the Siebel update server component.

When creating your data loading scripts, refer to the documentation provided by D&B and to Siebel Data Model Reference.

The scripts and processes differ according to your database platform.

NOTE:  When you integrate D&B data for the first time, you may want to contact Siebel Professional Services to obtain sample loading scripts for use as templates. See Loading D&B Data Using Sample Scripts.

The scripts load D&B data into staging tables in the Siebel database, as shown in Table 73.

Table 73. Staging Tables for Uploading D&B Data
Upload Location

Marketing Data file


This table is used as a staging area for the un-normalized D&B Marketing data.

SIC file

S_DNB_SIC table

MRC file

S_DNB_MRC table

NOTE:  Definitions of these tables can be found in Siebel Data Model Reference.

Because SIC and MRC files change only rarely, updating D&B data usually requires deleting and reloading the D&B marketing data in the S_DNB_UPDATE table alone.

If you need to load new versions of the SIC and MRC files, you must delete the previously used staging tables.

Table 74 lists what D&B data to delete and what to load.

Table 74. Loading or Reloading D&B Data
If You Are...

Loading D&B data for the first time

  • Load the three D&B data files: Marketing Data file, SIC file, and MRC file.

Updating D&B data with a new Marketing Data file, but the SIC and MRC files have not changed

  • Delete data from the S_DNB_UPDATE table.
  • Load the Marketing file.

Updating D&B data with new Marketing Data, SIC, and MRC files

  • Delete data from the S_DNB_UPDATE, the S_DNB_SIC, and the S_DNB_MRC tables.
  • Load the three D&B data files: Marketing Data file, SIC file, and MRC file.

After loading files, you must run the D&B Update Manager (D&B) and the D&B Update Manager (Siebel) as described in About Siebel Update Server Components.

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