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Adding ESP Business Unit and Service Unit Information

The Business Unit and Service Unit (BU/SU) Overview helps you segment the account into more manageable business and service units. Each business or service unit in your account has different characteristics that affect your ability to sell into the unit. This view helps you profile each unit to determine these characteristics. It also helps you to make decisions about where to apply your resources and how to successfully integrate into the organization.

To add BU/SU overview information

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen > Accounts List view.
  2. Drill down on an account record.
  3. Click the Enterprise Selling Process view tab.
  4. In the lower link bar, click BU/SU Overview.
  5. In the list, create a new record, enter a name for the business or service unit, and then complete the fields.

    The following table describes the fields in the BU/SU Overview record.

    Field values are discussed during methodology training, and are available as part of the methodology documentation.



    A text field that allows you describe the initiatives on which you plan to focus for the business or service unit. Example are improve ROI by 10% and increase customer satisfaction.

    Level of Relationship

    Your company's perception of its relationship with the business or service unit. Examples are Problem Solver, Trusted Advisor, and Credible Source.


    Enter information in this text field about an existing marketing campaign or new marketing campaign that you want to apply or develop for this business or service unit.

  6. Repeat Step 5 for each Business or Service Unit in the account.

NOTE:  If you are using ESP to analyze an account that has associated child accounts, the child accounts automatically appear in the BU/SU Overview list.

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