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Configuring Inbox for Use with Remote Databases

Inbox items can be downloaded to regional and local databases.

The Inbox functionality downloads Inbox item records but does not download the underlying feature object.

CAUTION:  The Inbox configurator must make sure that the feature object is downloaded; for example that the service request records that the Inbox item points to is downloaded to the local database.

If you are downloading Inbox items to remote databases, it is recommended that you set up a Localization Validation action. The Localization Validation action invokes a business service method (that you defined) when a remote user attempts to drill down from the Inbox to view the underlying feature object. The method you define needs to return an argument to the Inbox, telling it that the feature object is not there. The Inbox then displays an error message to the user and prevents the drill down.

To configure the Inbox for remote use

  1. Define a business service with a business service method that:
    1. Accepts the following arguments from the Inbox:
      • InboxItemId
      • OwnerInfoId
      • ObjectId
      • InboxTypeName
      • BusinessObjectName
      • IntegrationObjectName
      • Name-value pairs from the Inbox Parameters tables
    2. Looks for the feature object, and, if the feature object is found, sets the output argument LocalValidationError to N.
  2. Navigate to Administration - Inbox screen > All Inbox Types view.
  3. In the Inbox Types list, select the type record.
  4. In the More Info form, set the Replication Level:
    • All. To download Inbox items to regional and local databases
    • Regional. To download Inbox items to regional databases only
  5. Click the Actions view tab.

    In the Actions list, create a new record and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    Local Validation

    Business Service

    The business service that you defined in Step 1.

    Business Service Method

    The business service method that you defined in Step 1.

    Business Service Method Arguments

    Arguments for the business service method.

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