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Enabling AOM Case Insensitivity

It is possible to have different case sensitivities for different Application Object Managers (AOMs).

The procedure outlined here for changing the case settings for individual AOMs should only be carried out by an experienced configurator.

To set case insensitivity for a single AOM

  1. Create a new Server Datasource that is the same as the standard Server Datasource except that DSCaseInsensitiveFlg = TRUE.
  2. Create a new AOM.

    The new AOM is required because the Datasource parameters are fixed for the standard AOMs and cannot be changed there.

    NOTE:  Copying an object manager does not set all parameters automatically in the copy, so you need to set them manually.

  3. For the following parameters, replace each ServerDataSrc value with your new Datasource name:
    • CFGDatasource
    • DataSource
    • NamedDataSource (This is an advanced parameter.)
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