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Enabling Field-Specific Case Insensitivity

You can also make individual fields case-insensitive.

You control field-specific case insensitivity with the Use Default Sensitivity property. This property determines whether the field uses the default property specified by CaseInsensitive parameter in the CFG file, described previously. Table 10 illustrates the relationship between the application-wide CaseInsenstive parameter and the field-specific Use Default Sensitivity property.

Table 10. Case Sensitivity Behavior
Use Default Sensitivity =
CaseInsensitive = TRUE
CaseInsensitive = FALSE


Field is case insensitive

Field is case sensitive


Field is case sensitive

Field is case insensitive

To enable case insensitivity for individual fields

  1. Leave the CaseInsensitive parameter set to FALSE in the application configuration file.
  2. In Siebel Tools, navigate to the Business Component/Field screen.
  3. For each field you want to be case-insensitive, set the Use Default Sensitivity property in the field object to FALSE for the Field level Object Type.

    You can also force the case of data in a field to be UPPER (all uppercase), LOWER (all lowercase), FIRSTUPPER (first letter of each word is uppercase, or NONE (unchanged).

  4. After doing this for all of the fields you want to control, recompile your SRF file.
  5. Replace the SRF file in your Siebel Server installation.
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