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Promoting a D&B Account

You can use the D&B list to locate accounts that are potential sales leads. After you identify accounts that meet your criteria, you can promote the accounts into your accounts list.

To promote a D&B account

  1. Navigate to the D&B screen.
  2. In the D&B Accounts list select the company or companies that you want to add to your accounts list.
    • To select a sequence of account records, hold down the SHIFT key and click the account records.
    • To select multiple accounts that are not in sequence, hold down the CTRL key and click the account records.
  3. In the D&B Accounts list, click Promote as Siebel Account.

    A check mark appears in the Promoted field and the company is added to your Siebel application.

    Drill down on the hyperlink in the Business Name field to view the account profile and related contacts.

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