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Meeting the Single Sales Objective

Siebel Strategic Selling helps sales professionals meet their sales objectives for the account. By assessing and testing their position, sales professionals can make sure their sales teams evaluate the probability for meeting the Single Sales Objective, as taught in the Miller Heiman Strategic Selling process. The software module also helps sales professionals analyze whether or not they are working on the right sales objective, or an objective where closing the deal meets both the customer's needs and the sales professionals' long-term goal for the account. Sales professionals can evaluate the opportunity compared to an Ideal Customer profile, providing an understanding of their position and underscoring the best strategy to take.

To assess your position

  1. Navigate to the Opportunities screen > List view.
  2. Drill down on an opportunity record.
  3. Click the Strategic Selling view tab.

    The Strategic Selling Position form, Ideal Customer Assessment list, and Ideal Customer Criteria list appear with the Opportunity form.

  4. In the form, complete the fields to identify the competition for the opportunity and assess your position.

    The following table describes the fields in the Position form.


    Adequacy of Current Position

    Select the value that best describes how you feel about your current position. Examples of values are Euphoria, Great, OK, Secure, Comfort, and Worry.

    My Position vs. Competition

    Select the value that describes your position compared to your key competitors. Examples of values include Only Alternative, Front Runner, Shared, and Zero.

    Timing for Priorities

    Select the value that describes the timing for your priorities. Examples are Urgent, Active, Work It In, and Later.

    Assessment criteria are taught by Miller Heiman instructors in the Strategic Selling methodology workshop.

  5. In the Ideal Customer Assessment list, create a new record.
  6. Set the Template Name field to Ideal Customer Criteria and save the record.

    An explicit Save is required for the assessment criteria to appear.

  7. In the Ideal Customer Criteria list, select a value for each assessment criterion.

    The opportunity assessment is automatically scored based on the selected values.

    The Assessment Score and its percentage of the Max Score, defined in the Assessment template, appear in the Ideal Customer Assessment list.

    The following illustration shows an Ideal Customer Assessment record, and the Ideal Customer Criteria list shows the criteria associated with the assessment.

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