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Delegated Assignment Example 2: Second-Tier Delegated Administrator Tasks

This example is one of the topics for About Assignment Rule Group Hierarchy.

The second-tier delegated administrators (DAs) make sure that the leads that are more than $100K are routed to the correct sales manager based on geography and territories:

  • Leads in the eastern states go to Rick
  • Leads in the western states go to Sarah

Tasks for second-tier delegated administrators

  1. In the Rule Group Explorer, select a rule group previously created by the assignment administrator.

    In this example, Lance selects the rule group for which he is the owner (Rule Group 1).

  2. Create a child rule group (or groups) with the current rule group as the parent.

    In this example, Lance creates two rules groups as follows:

    • Rule Group 10 with Owner = Rick; Parent Rule Group = Rule Group 1
    • Rule Group 20 with Owner = Sarah; Parent Rule Group = Rule Group 1

      This allows Rick and Sarah the ability to manage their own lead assignment rules for their subordinates.

      For information about how to create a child rule group, see Creating Child Assignment Rule Groups.

  3. Inherit assignment rule (or rules).

    In this example, Lance inherits Amy's rule twice so that he can refine each rule to make sure leads in the western states go to Sarah and leads in the eastern states go to Rick.

    For information about inheriting an assignment rule, see Inheriting Delegated Assignment Rules.

  4. Refine the inherited assignment rule (or rules).
    1. Apply criteria templates.

      See Applying Criteria Templates to Inherited Assignment Rules.

    2. Add candidates.

      See Adding Employees, Positions, and Organizations to Assignment Rules.

      In this example, use the following information to refine the assignment rules.

      Rule Data
      Assignment Rule 10
      Assignment Rule 20


      Leads > $100k1

      Leads > $100k1


      State = WA, CA, OR, NV2

      State = NY, CT, NJ2




      1Criteria inherited from the original rule and is read only.

      2Applied from criteria templates.

  5. Add owners of the child rule groups to the inheritance access list for each assignment rule.

    See Adding Owners to the Inheritance Access List.

    After you add Sarah and Rick to the inheritance access list for the appropriate assignment rule, Sarah and Rick can inherit the rules and further refine them by adding criteria and specifying candidates.

Henry follows the same steps as Lance, except Henry uses different criteria templates to route leads based on product line as follows:

  • Leads for PCs go to Robin (employee of Partner 1)
  • Leads for servers go to Sam (employee of Partner 2)
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