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Process of Defining Dynamic Candidates

If you plan to create new dynamic candidate teams, you must first modify the Dynamic Candidate objects before the candidates are available for adding to your assignment rules. The process is similar to Workflow Policy Component and Workflow Policy Component Column configuration. Using Siebel Tools, you modify the following object types:

  • Dynamic Candidate
  • Dynamic Candidate Component
  • Dynamic Candidate Component Col

Dynamic candidate configuration is a logical definition of the underlying team table, candidate column, and related joins to the assignment object. The Dynamic Candidate properties define the dynamic candidate name, team type, and so on. The Dynamic Candidate Component properties define the table and column names used in the join, and the Dynamic Candidate Component Col properties define columns used in the team-based criteria.

The process for defining dynamic candidate is a multi-step process and requires the following tasks. These tasks may vary according to your organization's business practices.

NOTE:  If you plan to use only the predefined dynamic candidate teams—Activity Account Team or Activity Asset Team—for your assignment rules or you have already created other dynamic candidate teams, you can skip the first three configuration steps and proceed directly to Step 5.

  1. Configuring Assignment Objects for Dynamic Candidates
  2. Configuring Join Specifications for Dynamic Candidate Object Definitions
  3. Mapping Columns From Source Tables to Team-Based Criteria
  4. (Optional) Copying Dynamic Candidate Attribute Columns to the Team Table
  5. Adding Dynamic Candidate Teams to Assignment Rules
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