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Process of Defining Assignment Workload

There are two methods for defining workload rules—using predefined workload rules or creating your own workload-rule definitions. This topic discusses how to use both options.

Assignment Manager provides a set of predefined workload rules that allows you to define workload distribution in assignment rules for employees, positions, or organization.

Table 29 lists the predefined assignment workload rules:

Table 29. Predefined Assignment Workload Rules
Workload Rule Name
Assignment Object

Critical Service Requests

Service Request

Excellent Leads


Open Opportunities


Total Open Service Requests

Service Request

Optionally, you can create your own workload rules. Use the following procedures to define assignment workload if you plan to create your own workload distribution rules.

NOTE:  If you plan to use the predefined workload distribution rules, skip to Step 2.

  1. (Optional) Creating Assignment Workload Distribution Rules
  2. Applying Assignment Workload Distribution to Employees, Positions, and Organizations
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