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How Assignment Manager Balances Workload Among Candidates

Workload distribution is a special criteria type that balances the load between candidates. You create workload distribution by adding workload rules in the Assignment Workload view for employees and positions, or the Assignment Organization Workload view for organizations. Workload distribution is generally used with service assignments.

Optionally, you can also define your own workload rules using the Workload Distribution Rules view. For more information about defining assignment workload distribution rules, see Creating Assignment Workload Distribution Rules.

How Workload Distribution Applies Workload Scores to Candidates

Workload distribution applies a workload score to candidates based on their current workload. The workload score is calculated as follows:

Workload score = Score * (1 - (current workload/maximum workload))

NOTE:  The candidate's current workload excludes the workload of the current object being assigned.

Candidates with a lighter workload receive a higher score than candidates with a heavier workload. The workload score is then added to the candidate's score to generate a total score. Candidates that have workloads in excess of the maximum workload are eliminated from the assignment rule. This criteria prevents employees from being overloaded. Multiple workload distributions can be used for each assignment rule.

NOTE:  As with criteria, workload distribution has a Required field, which functions in the same manner as it does for regular criteria.

Figure 18 shows a workload distribution rule that:

  • Adds 100 points to candidates with a workload of 0 items (100* (1-(0/2))
  • Adds 50 points to candidates with a workload of 1 item (100* (1-(1/2))
  • Adds 0 points to candidates with a workload of 2 items (100* (1-(2/2))
  • Eliminates candidates with a workload of more than two items if the workload distribution rule is marked as Required
Figure 18. Sample Workload Distribution
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Enabling MLOV Capability for Workload Distribution

Workload distribution can be enabled for multilingual list of values (MLOV) capabilities with additional configuration. MLOV allows you to store workload distribution in a form that can be retrieved and displayed in a variety of supported client languages. For more details on this feature, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

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