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Automating the Cure Process

Letters can be generated for Cure and Notification of Sales (NOS) events. Triggering letter generation through a button click initiates the business service method to call the cure letter generation. Administrators create the correspondence template and define rules before generating the cure letter and then they monitor accounts that meet cure conditions.

Administrators send cure letters to customers who are in default, typically these type of letters explain that their account is delinquent before initiating a vehicle repossession process. In addition to this type of generic letter, administrators can also send letters for notice of sale after repossessing a car from a customer. Administrators first create a correspondence template for these types of letters using Word. Next they add the template to the Correspondence Templates view and then associate the template to existing rules. To select the appropriate template and generate the letter, perform the procedures that follow.

To add correspondence templates

  1. Navigate to Administration - Document > Correspondence Templates view.
  2. In the Templates list, click New File.
  3. In the Choose File dialog, select the template file and click Open.
  4. Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 for each template you want to add.

To associate correspondence templates to rules

  1. Navigate to Administration - Collections > Correspondence Administration view.
  2. Query for the rule that you want to associate the template with, for example Auto_CF*.
  3. Select the record, in the Template field, click the multiple select button to select the correspondence template.
  4. Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 for each correspondence template you want to associate to a rule.
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