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End-User Procedures for Collections

Collection agents, managers, or end-users review, understand, and act in the context of controlled, closed loop processes, capturing action and followup dates for each step in the process, compiling a full history of collections interaction with the customer. Because collection agents work with many accounts, they need to be able to quickly review summary account information about a financial account's collection status and contextual access to the appropriate next steps.

The collection agent can then make sure that all delinquent financial accounts for a given customer are assigned to the same collections agent, avoiding misinformation, confusion, and redundant customer contact.

For example, if a customer with multiple accounts appear on two different lists or is assigned to two different positions then the assignment of the second account, the account in the lower bucket is assigned to the collector responsible for the customer's account that falls in the higher bucket.

The following end-user procedures are described in this section:

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