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Process of Creating and Using Sales Steps (Dealer)

To guide the sales process, each dealership can create a list of standard sales steps that sales consultants perform to work on each opportunity. The dealership can calculate sales step goals, based on the monthly forecast. The sales consultants view these sales steps on the Opportunities > Sales Steps view of the Contacts screen. When the sales consultants finish each step, they click Done, which automatically fills in the current date and creates an Activity record of the type Sales Step, to let managers track which sales step each employee has completed.

Sales consultants will always be able to see which sales steps have already been completed for an opportunity.

Dealers have the option of creating and using sales steps, but it is not mandatory.

NOTE:  Before you calculate sales step goals, you must create the monthly forecast, as described in Process of Creating the Monthly Forecast (Dealer).

To create and use sales steps, dealers perform the following steps:

  1. Creating Sales Steps (Dealer)
  2. Creating Sales Step Goals (Dealer)
  3. Viewing Daily Sales Step Goals (Dealer)
  4. Using Sales Steps (Dealer)
  5. Tracking Sales Steps (Dealer)

NOTE:  This process shows one way of using sales steps. Your use of it may be different, depending on your business model.

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