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Creating Sales Step Goals (Dealer)

Dealers can calculate sales step goals for sales consultants, based on the monthly forecast. The monthly forecast projects total sales for the sales consultant for this period. The sales step goals use this forecast as the basis of a daily work plan, which gives the sales consultant a detailed list of sales steps that should be accomplished each day.

NOTE:  Before you calculate sales step goals, you must create the monthly forecast, as described in Process of Creating the Monthly Forecast (Dealer).

The sales managers creates sales step goals for their sales teams at the beginning of each period. This is usually the beginning of each month, but you may use different periods.

To create sales step goals for your sales team

  1. Navigate to the Sales Step Goals screen.
  2. From the Show drop-down list, select My Team's Sales Step Goals.
  3. In the Sales Step Goals list, in the Period drop-down list, select the period that you are generating goals for.
  4. In the Employees list, select the records of the employees whose sales step goals you want to create.
  5. Click Create Sales Steps for Selected Employees.

    The goals are generated and appear in the Sales Step Goals list.

  6. For each employee, for key goals, enter a value in the Close Ratio field.

    For example, a demonstration drive is a key goal, because it is closely connected to sales. If you estimate that sales consultants will sell one vehicle for every five demonstration drives they give, enter a close ratio of 20% for the demonstration drive sales steps. This allows the Siebel application to calculate how many times demonstration drives sales consultants will have to give each day in order to meet their monthly sales goal, in order to create the sales consultants' daily work plan.

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