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Prerequisites for Enabling Session Communications

In order for agents to be able to use communications features, including simulation, you must set up your communications environment. For more information, see Process of Configuring Communications Server. In particular:

  • Siebel communications-related products (such as Siebel CTI, Siebel Email Response, or Siebel Universal Queuing) must be licensed, configured, and available. Applicable third-party communications systems also must be configured and available.
  • For scenarios requiring the Communications Session Manager or Communications Configuration Manager server component, these Siebel Server components must be enabled and running. Also, they must be available for the instances of the Application Object Manager that connect to them for each agent's communications session.
  • Call center users must have been defined as agents within a communications configuration, as described in Specifying Agents. (Demo users are predefined in the sample communications configuration data.)
  • For CTI (voice-call handling), telesets and extensions must be defined, and the telesets must be associated with actual users who will run the Siebel application.

    Alternatively, demo telesets and extensions must be defined and associated with demo users associated with Demo applications that support the Communications Simulator. In the Sample Database, demo users such as CCHENG are associated with demo telesets in order to support communications simulation.

    The Demo applications are the shortcuts that start with the word Demo in the Siebel application program group for a Siebel Mobile Web Client installation. These shortcuts start the indicated application, such as Siebel Call Center Demo, in a demonstration-only mode and log in to the Sample Database as a demonstration user.

NOTE:  Activating the communications toolbar is a prerequisite for being able to access the Communications Simulator. For details, see Enabling Communications Simulation.

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