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Parameters for Communications Session Manager

Parameters relating to log files can be specified as server component parameters for Communications Session Manager. These parameters are described in Table 64.

NOTE:  For the parameters listed in Table 64, if the parameter value is changed while the Communications Session Manager is running, the changed value will affect communications sessions for all users who log in subsequently.

Table 64. Communications Session Manager Parameters
Parameter Name
Display Name
Default Value


Log Debug Message


Specifies whether the log file specified with the LogFile parameter should contain extra detail.


Log File


Specifies the name of the log file to create for each agent's communications session.

For example, where the parameter is set to SComm.log, files named SComm_user.log are created, where user is each agent's Siebel login name.

These files are written in the log subdirectory of the Siebel Server installation directory.


Maximum Log Size (KB)


Specifies the maximum size, in Kilobytes, of log files specified using LogFile.


Release Log Handle


Indicates that the log file handle for each agent is released periodically, after logs have been generated.

The default setting of TRUE provides better performance.

When ReleaseLogHandle is FALSE, some log files may not be generated if the number of concurrent users exceeds the file-handle capacity provided by the operating system.

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