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Specifying the Siebel Server for Communications Outbound Manager

If you have more than one Siebel Server, and you want all outbound communications that are processed using a particular communications driver or profile to use a specific Siebel Server, you can configure a parameter to specify its name.

To do this, you set the value of the Siebel Server driver parameter (generally, using a profile parameter override) to the name of the Siebel Server that is to handle the delivery of the outbound communications.

This parameter is supported for outbound communications sent (using the Communications Outbound Manager server component) using communications drivers that support outbound communications.

NOTE:  The value of the Siebel Server parameter must exactly match the actual name of the Siebel Server.

As with other driver parameters, you can either specify a default value or provide an override value for a particular communications profile.

NOTE:  If an outbound communication request includes multiple templates, and a value is provided for this parameter for the delivery profile associated with any of these templates, then a different value cannot be specified for this parameter for profiles for any of the other templates specified in the same request.

For more information, see the driver parameter sections in Using Email, Fax, and Other Systems.

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