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Specifying Component Name for Outbound Communication Requests

When you create an outbound communication request, you can specify the name of the server component that is to process the request.

The default component name is CommOutboundMgr (for Communications Outbound Manager). If you have configured new server components based on CommOutboundMgr, you can give them other names. Then, when you create requests, you can provide the applicable component name in the Component Name field for the request.

When Siebel Server load-balancing is in effect, you can create multiple components using the same name, such as on a subset of your total set of Siebel Servers.

If different Siebel Servers may use different Siebel repository (.srf) files, then you may want to use this mechanism to make sure that certain types of requests are processed by a specified set of Siebel Servers.

For more information, see the description for the Component Name field, in the section Fields for Outbound Communication Requests.

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