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Invoking SmartScript Through Communications Server

Siebel Communications Server can invoke Siebel SmartScript in order to execute SmartScripts. To enable this behavior, you define parameters for the appropriate event response, using the views in the Administration - Communications screen. If the event response is executed in response to a corresponding event handler matching the call data parameters, the script will be launched.

The following parameter and value must be added to the event response in order to enable the link between Communications Server and Siebel SmartScript:

  • Parameter name: SmartScript.ScriptName
  • Parameter value: Your_script_name

Any parameters received that are prefixed with "SmartScript" will be passed to the SmartScript that is invoked. The available parameters are:

  • SmartScript.ScriptName
  • SmartScript.ScriptId
  • SmartScript.LanguageCode
  • SmartScript.CampaignId
  • SmartScript.CampContactId
  • SmartScript.ContactId

Either ScriptName or ScriptId must be specified in order to start a specific SmartScript. Otherwise, the agent will be prompted, through the Choose Script dialog box, for the name of the script to run. In addition, either Siebel VB or Siebel eScript must be invoked to set the correct focus for the applicable business component.

For more information about defining event response parameters, see Event Responses.

Example Events to Invoke SmartScript Script

Table 59 shows an example event response that invokes a Siebel SmartScript script. The event handler that invokes this event response has the Device Event field set to the appropriate device event for the driver, such as TpAnswered for Siebel CTI Connect.

Table 59. Event Response: OnInboundCallReceived
Parameter Name
Parameter Value


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