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Integrating with Email Systems

Sending outbound email messages and receiving inbound email messages using Siebel Communications Server requires that you integrate your email system. You must configure profiles for the Internet SMTP/POP3 Server driver, using the parameters described in Table 72.

However, client-side email integration with Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook, options for the Send Email command, does not use Siebel Communications Server. For details, see Configuring Client-Side Integration for Send Email.

NOTE:  After an email message is sent to the email server, the Communications Outbound Manager server component may log that the email has been successfully sent. However, the log file cannot indicate whether the email was sent to a valid email address. If the email server subsequently fails to deliver the message, a nondelivery report will be sent from the email server to your sending mailbox.

For information about supported third-party products, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb. For information about configuring inbound communications, see Siebel Email Response Administration Guide.

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