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Receiving Inbound Work Items

When an inbound work item is routed to you, the Accept Work Item button blinks, and you can accept and begin working on the item.

The Accept Work Item button shows what type of work item is coming in: a phone icon represents a voice call, an envelope icon represents an email message, and so on.

When an inbound work item arrives, the following events may also occur:

  • Customer data may be displayed in the customer dashboard.
  • A screen pop with relevant data may appear, or you may need to navigate to the appropriate part of the Siebel application.

To accept an inbound work item

  • Click Accept Work Item when the pause blinks to indicate the arrival of a work item.

You can have multiple work items at the same time, such as voice calls on hold or other paused work items. However, only one work item is active at a time. The channel type of the active work item is indicated on the left side of the communications toolbar.

To release the current work item

  1. Select the work item from the Work Items list.
  2. Click Release Work Item, as appropriate for the channel type for the work item.

NOTE:  If you are working with an activity record or another type of record that is automatically associated with a work item, you must save any changes to the record before you release the work item. In addition, in order to make changes after releasing the work item, you must first refresh the record. Otherwise, changes you make to the record may be lost.

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